Dora Stojanoska

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Data Rooms

Securedocs vs. Orangedox

If you're looking for the best Securedocs alternative for a virtual data room solution, you're in the right place.

What's the difference between Orangedox and Securedocs?

Both Orangedox and Securedocs are great Virtual Data Room solutions that offer unlimited user and unlimited document sharing.

Securedocs are commonly used for fundraising, M&A, licensing deals, strategic partnerships, audits, and business valuations. Securedocs offers Q&A and customizable NDA. Additionally, they offer volume package options for managing multiple deals simultaneously.

The most significant difference with Securedocs is Orangedox's integration with Google Drive, built from the ground up with teamwork in mind. This will help you by focusing on growing your business instead of duplicating your documents and watching for space size in your next Virtual Data Room provider. 

Six reasons why companies use Orangedox vs. Securedocs

We found six reasons why you might consider Orangedox a better alternative to Securedocs.

Orangedox is time-efficient

With Securedox you will need to speak to an account manager to help with the setup while you can create your virtual data room in a few simple steps with Orangedox. This allows you to use your virtual data room right away without the need for a lengthy demo with customer support. 

Orangedox is cheaper

When it comes to the pricing differences, Orangedox offers a simple and flexible plan for professionals, starting from $45 per month, when paid yearly. This plan has a free trial for 14 days and it does not require a credit card. In contrast, the Securedocs is 5x more expensive, with pricing starting from $250 per month, when paid yearly. 

Orangedox has more options for customizing your virtual data room

Both Securedocs and Orangedox give you an opportunity to use your logo for the virtual data room. However, with Orangedox you can create a more professional outlook for your business by customizing your data rooms with your custom branding, including your logo, colour scheme and changing the layout of your Data Room

Orangedox integrates with your Google Workspace

Using Orangedox’s Google Workspace integrations you can create data rooms and securely share files without ever having to leave Gmail or Google Drive. While Securedocs requires you to use their full web app, as they don’t have a Google Workspace integration.