Document Protection

Orangedox is for

  • Publishing
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Compliance

Digital Publishing

  • Perfect for content creators who need to

    • Publish their original work online
    • Secure their work with an optional download code
    • Track viewerhsip metrics

Track Sales Material

  • Perfect for sales reps who need to

    • Send sales & marketing material to their customers directly via email
    • Know exactly what each customer viewed & downloaded
    • Make changes to what you've sent after you've sent it

  • Use Gmail? Download the Orangedox for Gmail Plugin and you'll be able to send documents and see when they are viewed & downloaded directly from your Gmail.

Create Trackable Marketing Campaigns

  • Perfect for marketers who need to

    • Track individual viewership on email campaigns
    • View engagement on website content & social media campaigns

  • Integrate with your existing marketing & sales tools like Mail Chimp, Hub Spot & SalesForce by easily importing contacts and exporting engagement metrics.

Create Secure Trackable Data Rooms

  • Perfect for finance deal management & compliance professionals who need to

    • Create a secure data room from their Dropbox or Google Drive
    • Allow external users to view content using a unique password
    • Know exactly what each user views & downloads inside the data room
    • Change content room content on the fly without having to re-send access

Orangedox for Business lets you

Protect your Work

Protect your work with a secure password or download code.

Track Everything

Keep track of who previews or downloads your work so you can know if it's being shared.

Professionally Brand your Documents

Add your branding to the documents you share, so everything feels professionally packaged.

Drive Engagement

Do more than just share your documents. Guide your clients though your work, with visual previews of the right content in the right order.

Orangedox Costs

If you made it this far you should give it a try!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. Simply update the file on Dropbox or Google Drive and we'll automatically reflect the changes with everyone you've shared it with. Also you can add new content to shared Dropbox or Google Drive folders and we'll automatically sync the files for you.
Yes you can. We can track everything you share within a folder, including any sub folders as well.
Yes you can. We support tracking of your Google Docs, Sheets and Slides in a read only format. Note that Google Docs cannot be downloaded only previewed.
You can create an email marketing campaign which will let you track exactly what each recipient downloads & previews. Also our Gmail plugin will help track engagement for each email you send out.
Yes you can. Simply create a new viewer for your shared material with type Canopy, plus you can add a Spash header image.
PDF (inc MS Word and Powerpoint for Dropbox) previewing & analytics, including the time spent on each page of the document, are available for all Orangedox plans.
No. Orangedox is intended for one-way sharing of content with your customers.
Not directly. Orangedox can only be accessed using your web browser.
Once you've created an Orangedox link in your browser, simply paste the link into Outlook as needed. We're also looking to release an Outlook plugin that will help you use Orangedox directly from Outlook.
Yes you can! You can create a new email marketing campaign in Orangedox which will let you track exactly what each recipient downloads & previews. Plus you can also import your contacts from your email marketing tool like Mail Chimp and export metrics to tools such as SalesForce.
Orangedox for Business will let you brand files you share with customers using share links, however we won't be able to provide branding for the Dropbox / Google Drive desktop application.
Upgrading to Orangedox Professional or Orangedox Business will let you remove the ads on your shared documents.
Orangedox Professional removes the ads on your shared documents and folders Recommended for Professionals who don't want their customers hassled by ads when viewing their shared documents.
Orangedox Business removes the ads on your shared documents and folder PLUS you'll be able to add your branding (logo & color scheme) to your share documents. You'll also be able to add personalized messages to your shared documents to help engage your users Recommended for Businesses who want to keep their brand experience consistent across their shared documents.