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White-labeled Actionable Insights for Dropbox.
Retain your brand identity & track your shared Dropbox content.

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Amy Detweiler
Worldwide Documentaries
Documentary Film Co.

Marketing & HR

Keep track of which marketing material works best so you can improve your marketing campaign results. Simple and detailed tracking of documents for hiring, on-boarding, health and safety and more.

Danielle Lovell
Human Resources Consulting Firm

Digital Product Delivery

Know when your customers receive your product/deliverable so you can get paid faster. Never have to guess again as to when your customers received your invoice.                                 

Nico Brauninger
Reinhold Bruck
Frozen Foods Supplier

Sales & Business Dev

Track which leads are most interested in your product or service, so you can focus your time effectively. Be notified in real time when prospects read your marketing material.                 

Supercharge your Dropbox

Track your Shared Content

Know when shared Dropbox files or folders are previewed/downloaded by your customers.

Document Page by Page Viewership

Understand how your documents are being viewed, right down to the time spent on each page. Know what content is working and what's not.

Brand your Dropbox Portal

Transform your Dropbox into a branded portal for your customers, with your own logo and color scheme.

Password Protection

Secure your shared content by adding password protecting.

Track Gmail Attachments

Track your Dropbox files that you attach using Gmail. Be notified in real time when someone reads your material.

Auto Updated

Your documents and folders are automatically updated to the latest version of your Dropbox without any manual intervention required.

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    all you need is a dropbox account

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes you can. Simply update the file on Dropbox and we'll automatically reflect the changes with everyone you've shared it with. Also you can add new content to shared Dropbox folders and we'll automatically sync the files for you.
    Yes you can. We can track everything you share within a folder, including any sub folders as well.
    Simply create a new share link for each recipient and you can track their engagement seperately. Also our Gmail plugin will help track engagement for each email you send out.
    We'll be releasing our new tool Orangedox Engage soon which will drastically increase your brand impact
    PDF previewing & analytics, including the time spent on each page of the document, are available for all Orangedox plans.
    No. Orangedox is intended for one-way sharing of content with your customers.
    Not directly. Orangedox can only be accessed using your web browser.
    Once you've created an Orangedox link in your browser, simply paste the link into Outlook as needed. We're also looking to release an Outlook plugin that will help you use Orangedox directly from Outlook.
    You can find out which person opens an link by sending out individual links to each recipient seperatly. Our Gmail plugin makes this a little easier to manage and we're also looking to intergate with services such as Mail Chimp to help automate this process.
    Orangedox for Business will let you brand files you share with customers using share links, however we won't be able to provide branding for the Dropbox desktop application.