Dora Stojanoska

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Data Rooms

Orangedox vs. Docsend: What’s Right for You?

Orangedox and Docsend are excellent platforms offering the same features for a Virtual Data Room solution.

You can send documents directly from your inbox with the DocSend email plugins for Gmail or Outlook. Orangedox has two workspaces Google apps for tracking marketing documents and virtual data room and one plugin for email tracking.

Docsend provides watermarking and signing an NDA before viewing the virtual data room. Additionally, they may offer several different ways to upload your documents including Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint Online etc.

If you need a Virtual Data Room solution similar to Docsend that seamlessly integrates with your existing Google business tools you should consider Orangedox. The main advantage is in Orangedox’s seamless integration with Google Drive, which allows you to create Data Rooms directly from your Google Drive folders without ever having to upload files. Plus your files will automatically be synced with Google Drive, ensuring that your documents are never out of date.

Reasons ORANGEDOX IS BETTER than Docsend

Orangedox Seamlessly Integrates with your Google Workspace

With DocSend you can create and send links to any of your DocSend content from Gmail, however Orangedox seamlessly integrates with your Google Workspace, allowing you to create virtual data rooms and securely share files directly from Gmail or Google Drive without ever needing to switch between apps.