Dora Stojanoska

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Ansarada Alternative: How Does Orangedox Compare?

If you're looking for Ansarada alternatives, then you're in the right place. Ansarada and Orangedox are great products, with fantastic features.

What’s the difference between Ansarada and Orangedox? 

Short Answer: Orangedox’s seamless Google Integration

Orangedox and Ansarada’s offers can overlap in some segments of the market, but they thrive in very different use cases. Orangedox was initially built as a personal secure sharing platform, whereas Ansarada was conceived with true team collaboration as its core feature.

Orangedox is a good Virtual Data Room choice for SMBs’ or medium size businesses looking for a product with easy-to-navigate features and low pricing. 

On the other hand, Ansarada caters to Enterprise-wide businesses that are looking to integrate Board Management with their Virtual Data Rooms provider. 

If you're part of a team looking for a product that helps you integrate better around Google Drive (and other Google products), then you're in the right place. With Orangedox, you can focus on growing your business instead of duplicating your documents and watching for space size in your next Virtual Data Room provider. 

Six reasons why companies use Orangedox over Ansarada

We've surmised six reasons that explain why you might consider Orangedox to be a better alternative to Ansarada.

Reason 1: Google Workspace Integrations

While Ansarada provides virtual data rooms through its SaaS platform, enabling businesses to accomplish transaction goals, risk management, and board oversight, integration options for your data rooms are unavailable.

On the other hand, Orangedox has integrations with both Google Drive & Gmail, allowing you to use Orangedox without ever having to leave your Gmail or Google Drive.