Document Tracking

Track whenever your documents are downloaded or previewed.


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Track Individual Access

Understand eactly who views or downloads your documents, including what they've accessed and when.

secure document sharing

Document Page View Times

Track exactly which pages of your documents are being viewed and for how long.

document tracking

Web Publish

Publish your marketing material for the web, including your pdf's, audio, video, office docs, google docs and more. Track the performance across all your marketing material.

secure data rooms

Affordable Pricing

14 day free trial & no upfront credit card needed.
So take the time you need to see if the product works for you.

Pro Plan

Unlimited Document Sharing for up to 500 recipients with real time access controls and detailed tracking.

What's included

  • Unlimited Document Shares

  • Up to 500 recipients

  • Detailed Document Tracking

  • Auto synced Google Drive / Dropbox

$15 USD / month


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