Secure Document Sharing

Prevent your documents from being shared.

Control access to your shared documents, even after they've been sent.


Trusted by 5000+ Companies World Wide

Prevent Sharing

Ensure that your documents get to their intended recipients and no one else. Our Secure Document Sharing technology verifies each recipients device before allowing access, no passwords required.

secure document sharing

Control Access

Disable document access for individual recipients, or add new recipients whenever you need to.

document tracking

Delivery Confirmation

Track everytime your recipient views or downloads your shared documents, right down to the pages they've viewed and for how long.

secure data rooms

Affordable Pricing

14 day free trial & no upfront credit card needed.
So take the time you need to see if the product works for you.

Pro Plan

Unlimited Secure Document Sharing for up to 500 recipients with real time access controls and detailed tracking.

What's included

  • Unlimited Secure Document Shares

  • Up to 500 recipients

  • Detailed Document Tracking

  • Auto sync'd Google Drive / Dropbox

$15 USD / month


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