Track your Gmail Attachments

Be notified when your attachments are read.
Focus on customers who are most interested.

Attach from Dropbox or Google Drive

Attach your Dropbox of Google Drive files and folder without ever leaving Gmail

Know who's Engaged

Know who's viewing or downloading your attachments. Right down to which pages were read and for how long.

Notified when Viewed

Get notified when your documents are viewed or downloaded.

Know what Happens after you Hit Send

We'll tell you when each document, file or folder was viewed, and for how long. Right down to the time spent on each page.

Connect with your existing Dropbox or Google Drive account

Notified when Viewed

Get notified when someone views or downloads your attachment. Oh and don't worry about endless notifications, we wait until your customer finishes viewing before we notifying you.

Easily installed on Google's Chrome browser

Never leave your Gmail

Attach, track and know who's engaged with the material you send them, all within your Gmail.

Seemlessly integrated with your existing Gmail account

Download Plugin

Use Dropbox or Google Drive but not Gmail?

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