Virtual Data Roomsfor Google Drive

Create secure virtual data rooms linked directly to your Google Drive folders.

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Virtual Data Rooms - Orangedox

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Virtual Data Rooms

Ensure your virtual data room stays secure with our Secure Document Sharing technology, which prevents forwarding of access to others. No passwords required.

Secure Document Sharing - Orangedox

Real Time Access Control

Disable/enable access for participants in real time, always be sure only the correct participants have access.

Document Tracking - Orangedox

Synced with your Google Drive

One click integration with your Google Drive. No file uploads or storage restrictions, always sycned with your Google Drive.

Virtual Data Rooms - Orangedox

Detailed Auditing

Track everything your participants view or download from your room, right down to the pages they've viewed and for how long.

Document Tracking - Orangedox

Professional Branding

Professionally brand your documents by adding your corporate logo and colour scheme.

Virtual Data Rooms - Orangedox

Google Workspace

Integrates with Google Workspace, create Virtual data rooms directly from Google Drive or Gmail.

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Workspace App - Orangedox

5 out of 5 stars

I'm setting up data rooms for our clients all the time and I consider Orangedox a crucial partner in the success and reputation of our company.

Keith N.
Manager • Staffing & Recruiting

Affordable Pricing

14 day free trial & no upfront credit card needed.
So take the time you need to see if the product works for you.

Business Plan

Unlimited Virtual Data Rooms for up to 500 participants per room with real time access controls and custom branding.

What's included

  • Unlimited Virtual Data Rooms

  • Up to 500 participants per room at no extra charge

  • No Storage Space Restrictions

  • Unlimited Documents per Room

  • Custom Branding

  • Detailed Auditing & Tracking

  • Share Large Files up to 500Mb in size

$45USD / month
per admin*
billed yearly
Billed MonthlyBilled Yearly

* Admins are users who create and administer virtual data rooms. Participants who view or download files don't require a license.

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Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our customer support team

How much storage comes with your virtual data room product?
Unlimited. Orangedox doesn't store your documents, instead we pull them directly from your Google Drive or Dropbox account so you'll only limited by your cloud data plan.
Do I need to pay for each virtual data room participant who views my files?
No. We only change per admin user, someone who needs to manage your virtual data rooms or create new rooms. You can have upwards of 500 participants per room at no extra charge.
Why do some of my PDF's not preview correctly?
Orangedox can only generate previews of your PDF's if they are under 50Mb in size. If you're running into that limit try compressing your PDF's using Adobe's online compression tool.
How to I edit the files in my virtual data room?
Your virutal data room will always be synced with your source Google Drive or Dropbox folder. To edit, add or remove a file simply modify the source file in Google Drive or Dropbox and we'll automatically reflect the changes in your virtual data room.
Can I resend access to a data room participant?
Yes you can. You'll be able to resend the access email to a virtual data room participant at anytime, this will also give them a fresh set of devices they can view the room with.
Can remove the Orangedox branding from my shared files?
Yes. Orangedox allows you to add your custom branding to your shared files, allowing you to create a custom document portal for your clients.
What measures do you take to secure your customers data?
Orangedox is GDPR compliant and employes the following security measures to ensure our customer data is always protected.
Can I prevent files from being downloaded from my virtual data room?
Yes. You'll be able to prevent any file that we can preview (see the full list here) from being downloaded from your virtual data room. Any files that we can't generate an online preview for will be available for download.
Why can't a preview an Excel file?
We only allow previewing of Excel files when using Dropbox. If you're using Google Drive we recommend that you convert your Excel files to Google Shees, which will allow them to be previewed online.
Can I have multiple employees access Orangedox?
Yes. We provide a teams plan which lets you add multiple admin users to your Orangedox plan, they'll be able to administer all your virtual data rooms from accross your entire organization.


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