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Introducing Shared With Me

Starting today you’ll now be able to access all files and data rooms that have been shared with you on Orangedox in one place using the new “Shared with Me” app.

What does this mean for your Virtual Data Rooms & Secure Shared Files?

Your data room participants and secure file recipients will now be able to optionally sign-in using a verified Orangedox account to access your shared content. They will have access from the “Shared with Me” app within the Orangedox suite of products which is completely free and does not require a trial or paid license.

File recipients and data room participants will still also be able to access the files/rooms without an Orangedox account, in this case they will be restricted by the number of devices they can access with, as specified when you created your data room or shared your files.

What’s a Verified Orangedox Account?

In order to keep your shared files and data rooms secure we’ve added a verified Orangedox account feature that will ensure that a user’s email address has been verified with either Google Drive or Dropbox before gaining access to the “Shared with Me” app. Users will only be able to access data rooms and documents that were sent to their verified email address.

How will this change recipient access?

When accessing your securely shared files and data rooms your recipients will now be able to optionally choose to login using their Google or Dropbox account instead of accessing via device level security. As long as the email address with their Orangedox account is the same as the one you’ve sent the file/room to, AND their email address has be verified, they’ll have access from the “Shared with Me” app.   

This will not affect the number of devices they will have access with, allowing them to continue to access on device(s) that are not logged into Orangedox.


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