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Customer Review Spotlight: Easy to Use and Accessible!

We're thrilled to share a customer review video featuring Kenda C., the Managing Director of non-profit organization management, on Capterra! Kenda discusses her experience with Orangedox and how it has benefited her organization.

Here's what you can expect from Kenda's review:

0:00 Intro: A warm welcome from Kenda as she introduces herself and shares her role.

0:25 Why Orangedox?: Kenda explains why she chose Orangedox over other software products, highlighting the advantages it offers to her non-profit.

0:43 Easy Onboarding: Kenda speaks to how effortless it was to integrate Orangedox into her organization's operations.

0:57 Recommendations: Kenda shares her advice and recommendations for others considering Orangedox.

Watch the full review video here to hear Kenda’s insights on how Orangedox is transforming document management for nonprofits. Her experience could be the key to unlocking greater efficiency for your organization!

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