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Track Marketing Material – An Example

An example on how you can use Orangedox to track your marketing material.

In case you’ve missed it, over the past few of weeks we’ve released a couple of new blog articles, 3 Reasons Why you Need to Start Tracking your Marketing Material , How to Track Your Marketing Material: A Step-by-Step Guide that have been focused on showcasing how Orangedox can be used to help to gain insight into what marketing material is working and capture more leads for your business.   

To help understand how this might be applicable to your business we’re going to walk you through a typical marketing use case that we see with our customers.

We’ll start by introducing our demo company Morel, they’re a financial start-up helping small medium businesses find investment opportunities. Their marketing team has been hard at work producing a variety of marketing documents including e-books, case studies and white papers to help educate their customers as to the benefits of guided investments. 

Understanding What’s Working

Morel’s marketing manager Shane has been struggling to understand what marketing material has been resonating with their customers and leads. He’s been trying to determine what his team should be spending their time on, however the only metrics available are simple download metrics provided by Google Analytics off their website. He has no idea if the marketing material that’s being sent out via email by the sales team is actually working or when any of the material is shared. 

This is where he turned to Orangedox. Using Orangedox Shane was able to create links to each piece of marketing material, he then updated these on the website and shared them with sales. He also disabled downloading which helps him track whenever the marketing material is viewed, this way he can see whenever it’s accessed.

Orangedox’s page viewership metrics also allowed Shane to understand that although their white paper was having a large number of downloads, it wasn’t actually being read while their e-book was being read cover to cover. This helped him focus his team's efforts on writing more e-books rather than focusing on a new white paper. 

Shane was also able to convince their sales team to use Orangedox to share their marketing material using Orangedox’s Gmail plugin. Doing so has let the sales team close more leads as they’re now notified whenever one of their prospective customers opens the case studies that they send out. Plus Shane also gets the metrics on what marketing material is working.

Lead Generation

Shane has also been struggling gating their marketing material on their website. They’ve been trying to get their web team to put together landing pages to gate their e-book with an email capture page. While they’ve been able to get this done with some of their existing e-books it’s been a thorn in their side as it’s not a top priority for the web team, and has caused their last e-book to be delayed weeks. Also they’ve noticed that their e-books have been downloaded and shared on different platforms than they originally intended. Although this is great in some ways it’s meant that they haven’t been able to capture any of the leads from these shares.

Using Orangedox, Shane has been able to publish their e-books with a lead capture page easily without having to engage their web team. Plus by disabling downloading of the e-book, meant that whenever it’s shared Shane will continue to be able to capture email leads. 


By using Orangedox, Shane at Morel has been able to track marketing material anywhere that it’s shared, capturing metrics like what pages were viewed and for how long, which allowed him to focus his team's efforts on the material that’s resonating with their audience. Orangedox also allowed Shane to control his marketing material without having to engage with the web team, and gather leads that were otherwise lost. 

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