Chad Brown

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How to Track Your Marketing Material: A Step-by-Step Guide

Start tracking your marketing material by following these simple steps.

Signup for Orangedox

Use the following link to sign-up for a free 14-day trial of Orangedox, no credit card required

Signup for Orangedox

Publish your Marketing Documents

1. Open the Orangedox App

Use the link below to open the Orangedox App

2. Select the 'Publish' app and click 'Publish File'

3. Enter a Reference Title for this published file/folder

The title will only be used for your reference.

4. Choose the File/Folder to Share

You can share a file/folder or a custom packages of any number of file or folders.

5. Choose the Published Files Options

Select your custom link URL.

Optionally disable downloading for files, files will only be available for previewing within the browser. See list of all files available for preview.

Optionally secure with a password or download code.

6. Share your Published File

Click on the copy button to copy your link and share with your audience.

View Tracking Metrics

1. Select the 'Share' app & locate the published file under the Viewed Tab

2. Observe the total viewership metrics

The number in the circle represents the total number of unique viewers who've viewed the published file. The metrics beside shows the total previews and downloads.