Dora Stojanoska

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Data Rooms

Virtual Data Rooms a Real World Example

An example of how you can use Orangedox to implement Virtual Data Rooms for your business.

In case you’ve missed it, over the past few weeks we’ve released a couple of blog articles, How to Create a Virtual Data Room, The Importance of Virtual Data Rooms in Mergers & Acquisitions, they will give you a higher understanding of the importance of data rooms and how to create them.

Morel is a start-up looking to raise a round of funding. Aiming to improve their services and grow the company, they’re seeking to raise capital from investors who share their vision. This case study will help you understand how Morel can benefit from using a virtual data room.. 

Secure Virtual Data Rooms

With the increasing number of companies of the same kind, Thomas, the founder of Morel, recognized the need to improve the company and expand the services they provide. Since the company needed capital to realize this plan, Thomas decided to seek support from financial investors. 

However, Thomas became concerned since the potential investors were located all over the world. He also had concerns regarding security and due diligence. The last time Thomas sent the company’s sensitive information by e-mail to collaborate with another company, the information was shared with their competition. 

Thomas found the solution to all these concerns when he turned to Orangedox. He had peace of mind that his sensitive financial data couldn’t be shared without his knowledge, giving his potential investors preview access to the documents without having to download them.  Plus Orangedox was a great affordable solution, allowing him to save money that could be used to help continue the company's operations while raising his round of funding.

Google Workspace Integration

One thing that Thomas hates is having to switch between multiple applications during his work day. He’s an avid user of Gmail and typically spends most of his day working in his email. With Orangedox’s Google Workspace integration Thomas was able to integrate his data rooms directly into Gmail and Google Drive. Allowing him to create and manage his virtual data rooms directly from within Gmail.

Thomas also found that potential investors kept on asking for more information about the company, requiring new documents to constantly be added to his data room. Luckily with Orangedox’s direct integration with Google Drive Thomas was able to simply update his source Google Drive folder and the documents were automatically reflected within the data room. Allowing him to save time uploading duplicate documents between services.